Boost Quality of Care Scores

Star ratings for Skilled Nursing Facilities have taken center stage since CMS adjusted the rules for benchmark weights.  Although much of the emphasis for the change was on staffing, it’s important to remember the quality of care segment is also a major contributor to the overall star rating.  For this reason, Quality of Care Scores should not be overlooked.  Hospitals specifically look at the Quality of Care scores when considering preferred partners for networks.   Just by the very name, consumers view the score and make decisions about a facility even though they don’t understand how the score was achieved. 

Documentation is Key to Quality of Care Improvement

The quality of care score for a facility is largely scored through documentation.  Many times a facility has performed the service but failed to document.  Unfortunately, if the service is not documented, it doesn’t exist.  Most penalties during a health inspection within a typical facility are due to small documentation errors.  These errors add up to a reduced Quality of Care overall score. If the facility is in a tight labor market or has received an influx of high needs patients, it is difficult to ensure the documentation for the Quality of Care domain is met.

Quality of Care Improvement Achieved

The answer to this problem comes from a very unlikely source, ThoughtSwift Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV).  AWV’s are a mandated benefit for all patients receiving Medicare.  ThoughtSwift ensures Medicare’s extensive requirements for this service are met with our proprietary system.  In addition, ThoughtSwift adds additional services and screenings delivering large benefits in resident health and well being. The byproduct of our time spent with the patient for the facility is an improved Quality of Care score and healthier patients. 

Turn-Key Solution to Improved Quality of Care

ThoughtSwift has a unique, turn-key program for skilled nursing facilities.  The SNF program ensures all the documentation needed to avoid Quality of Care and MIPS penalties.  Proper documentation is placed in a patient’s chart-no more penalties.  Patients are healthier under your care because ThoughtSwift has performed additional screens including COVID-19 symptoms.  In addition, ThoughtSwift performs additional labs to ensure patients are not hindered by medication adherence, cognitive impairment and other factors which reduce the vitality of the resident.  Our team becomes another set of fresh eyes on the resident to alert staff if a patient is experiencing discomfort.

Help with Stretched Budgets

ThoughtSwift service is offered at no cost to the facility or resident.  ThoughtSwift service does not count against Part A payments to keep facility costs low.  Also, ThoughtSwift’s SNF program has other benefits than Quality of Care score improvement such as lowering prescription costs, reporting for MIPS and improving preventive care.  As an additional marketing asset for your facility to future residents, ThoughtSwift provides evidence of the commitment to higher resident care.

The Star Rating Quality of Care segment is crucial to improving the overall Star Rating of the facility.  ThoughtSwift’s proprietary system is uniquely designed for SNFs to gain Quality of Care improvements even if the facility is short-staffed and facing tight budgets.  If you would like more information about how your facility can reach a higher level of excellence please contact us