Annual Wellness Visits should be the most rewarding and profitable exam in your practice!

Reclaim control of the process through our ThoughtSwift AWV solution and turn a burden into profits and a benefit for both patient and practice. No added fees or equipment to buy!

Find a complete solution for your mandatory Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Your Practice

Relieve the strain on your resources. Keep medical providers focused on E/M care, and find the maximum billing opportunities from the exam.

Patient Care

Make sure nothing is missed. Close patient care gaps, and successfully prevent chronic conditions before they take hold.

Meet Your

Meet over 70% threshold for Value Based Care. Improve your MIPS and quality scores, and avoid unnecessary take out from Medicare.


Our Software
The AWV Screening System


ThoughtSwift’s software integrates with your EMR and walks providers and patients through an optimized AWV experience.

  • Make sure nothing gets missed though a proactive, preventative screening for chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, prediabetes, falls risk, cardiovascular risk, and pulmonary issues.
  • Close care gaps for vaccinations and preventative services.
  • Discover medical necessity for additional services and therapy.
  • Meet all payors requirements.
  • Open up multiple ways for patients to be evaluated: telehealth, mobile devices, mobile clinics, at-home, nursing homes, and of course, in the office.

“We saved a life today in large part because of the quality of ThoughtSwift’s Annual Wellness Visit. We couldn’t have caught the patient’s cancer using our EMR AWV.”

– Medical Provider, Mississippi


Efficient Reporting

Providers receive color-coded reports for a quick diagnosis, and patients receive customized, preventative care plans. User-friendly details like these increase office efficiency and help close the treatment gap for patients.

Outperforms the EMR

Earn more per patient while providing better care! ThoughtSwift’s AWV Screening System meets all Medicare requirements while capturing more billable events and documenting the necessity for further treatment.

AWS Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Complete Solution
The ThoughtSwift AVF Partner Program

Done For You!

Our qualified and expert trained professional to manage all the AWV/preventative health side of your practice. It’s all covered, and all the staff needed are paid and managed by us.


Done For You!

Either your biller or ours places the codes in your EMR to your payers. We also provide denials assistance as well as ICD-10 and procedure updates to keep revenue coming without delay.

Done For You!

Our phlebotomist administers blood tests, and ThoughtSwift brings modern capabilities such as PGx, diabetes and Alzheimer molecular testing to patients who qualify.

Our team come to your practice and work seamlessly with your office, following all protocols outlined by you while providing some of the following:

  • Scheduling the Patient for Medicare AWV screenings
  • Performing the Medicare AWV screenings (including labs)
  • Counseling Patients (Under Supervision)
  • Writing Encounter Notes
  • Producing the Superbill
  • Sending Ending Paperwork to Patient
  • Scheduling Their Next Annual Visit

“We were able to see profits on the ThoughtSwift program in the first month of implementation.”

– Office Administrator, Washington

Additional Services You May Like

Patient Risk
Score Tracker

Designed for managed care groups to quickly see the present and future HEDIS value for every patient and reduce the gaps in a patient’s care.

Mental Health

Patients answer questions on mental health, obesity, and drug use to provide billable events and counseling opportunities.

Have a new application in mind? We create customized health assessments for ancillary companies and research groups.

Get started with minimal disruption to your operations and no added fees or equipment to buy