Specialty Providers

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How ThoughtSwift Helps Specialty Providers

For pain management providers and other specialty providers ThoughtSwift brings multiple screening innovations.Thoughtswift offers a customized billable assessment for such specialities as pain, allergists, sleep study clinics, pediatricians, and other specialty providers .All assessments are payable by Medicare and most commercial insurance payers (depending upon individual patient policy and carrier).

ThoughtSwift Brings New Billable Opportunities to Practices, Improving Clinic Revenue

ThoughtSwift assessments help all specialists meet the new MACRA requirements as well.  Clinics using ThoughtSwift’s programs meet more MACRA benchmarks for quality improvement, which contributes to 60% of your score.  By handing out a ThoughtSwift tablet, clinics will report more benchmarks, rise above the base rate, avoid the Medicare discount, and be in position for incentive payments should they become available.

Specifically for Pain Management

States are quickly adopting new regulations for the prescribing of schedule II narcotics.  ThoughtSwift’s Pain Electronic Health Assessment (PEHA) meets the challenge of multiple patient screenings for the evaluation, treatment and follow-up phase of a patient’s treatment plan.

ThoughtSwift helps our providers meet the following mandated documentation:

  • Nature and intensity of pain
  • Underlying conditions
  • Disability and life quality of a patient
  • Activities of daily living
  • Substance abuse history patient and family
  • Physical and psychological function

  • Determining if pain is associated with physical or psychosocial impairment
  • Family history of addiction or substance abuse
  • Proactive evaluation of unwanted medication side-effects
  • Documentation needed to continue therapy
  • Benchmarks and documentation to determine progress

ThoughtSwift quality screening exceeds the State and Federal screening requirements and makes documentation easy, improving care for patients while providing license protection for providers.