Large Provider Groups and Hospitals

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Large Provider Groups and Hospitals

ThoughtSwift innovations offers special advantages for MCO, IPA, ACO, Hospital Groups, Community Clinic Groups, PCCH and FQHCs.  ThoughtSwift enables large provider groups the flexibility and customization to ensure benchmarks.  Goals of your practice group are met without workflow disruptions.   By handing out ThoughtSwift tablets to patients, large groups can accurately report, document the medical necessity for lab orders and services, and improve communication between caregivers.

Grant Writing

ThoughtSwift can be customized for public clinics to achieve grant specifics and provide analytics for reporting.  ThoughtSwift’s specialized screening helps your group access chronic condition funding available to your community.  ThoughtSwift real-time results give providers instant information on which patients qualify for programs, classes and special services.  ThoughtSwift analytics enable your clinic to show the progress needed to qualify for second round funding.

Customized Assessments

ThoughtSwift offers customized assessments for public clinics, ACOs and hospitals.  Prediabetes, hypertension, ACES and other screenings are available to offer your clinic the best in proactive patient care.

Home and Telehealth

ThoughtSwift’s unique mobile format enables flexibility for Home Health providers and telehealth providers to provide whole-patient care to patients who are difficult to reach.


ThoughtSwift has designed screening tools for ACO, MCO, CPC+ clinics, community clinics and patient centered care homes to meet these specialized screening requirements.  Your organization will always be in compliance without workflow disruptions.  Report for more measures, and improve your billable events with ThoughtSwift screenings.  Ask how ThoughtSwift can bring your group greater patient improvement documentation, group reporting of benchmarks, and improved revenue.