Electronic Health Assessments

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The Electronic Health Assessment or EHA enables clinics to meet  ACA, and MIPS benchmarks for adult patients during a cough and cold, medication reevaluation, or other visit type other than a preventive visit.  The EHA is payable by Medicare, and commercial insurance and Medicaid in some states.

The EHA is a strategic way to obtain basic behavioral health, chronic conditions, and drug use information for each patient to determine if other factors are influencing the patient’s visit. The report generated enables providers to know the areas the patient needs counseling or labs to be performed to meet benchmark standards.  

The EHA is an invaluable tool giving providers a 360-degree view of a patient’s behavioral health.  In addition, it alerts providers and office staff of billing opportunities earned with every patient.

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More to Come

There's More to Come. Stay Tuned!

More to Come

There's More to Come. Stay Tuned!