Frequently Asked Questions

What are ThoughtSwift Medical Assessments?

ThoughtSwift assessments are a battery of tests which are self-assessed by the patient on an iPad, tablet or any internet capable device. The results are delivered to the medical professional’s inbox for instant insight to screen and help diagnose medical conditions. We provide a clear snapshot of the patient’s current wellbeing.

What conditions are covered in ThoughtSwift screenings?

Alcohol dependence, ADHD, depression, anxiety, opioid abuse risk and somatic severity and others.

How long does the test take?

Each patient-directed screening tool is administered on an iPad and can be taken in the waiting or exam room, usually taking less than five minutes to complete.

How are the assessments designed?

Each screening tool is a multiple choice or yes/no series of questions and the patient selects the best answer to fit their current condition.

Who made the screening tools used?

Our assessments are made up of the same tools used by mental health professionals to screen and help diagnose mental conditions and are approved by Medicare.

Do your assessments diagnose illnesses?

No, only a trained medical professional can diagnose disease. Our assessments give the medical professional a guide to aid in their diagnosis.

Why should a medical provider give assessments?

There are multiple reasons for medical practices to give assessment tests: increased patient care, federally mandates of the required standard of care, lawsuit mitigation, and revenue enhancement are just a few.

How do the Thoughtswift assessments work?

Each assessment is taken via an electronic tablet and once the patient finishes the assessment the patient results are emailed to a HIPAA secured email of the Doctor’s choosing.

What do the results look like?

The results are sent in a color coded, easy to read format that can be transferred to patient records or EMR via PDF.

Is an MD required to administer an assessment?

No the entire assessment process is taken and completed by the patient, requiring no physician or staff involvement prior to the physician-patient visit. Any office staff member may hand out the tablet.

Which patients are eligible to take assessments?

Every adult at least once per year.

How much front office staff involvement is there?

There is minor staff involvement for this program: just enter a password and hand the tablet to the patient.

What if I have my own tablet, does it have to be an iPad?

Any tablet, computer, or other internet ready device can be programmed with ThoughtSwift technology.

Does billing this assessment take away from my regular business?

No. A major benefit to the ThoughtSwift program is, when properly administered, it is a vehicle to increase patient revenue without adding additional cost or overhead. It may be included with any patient visit.

Do your assessments come in other languages?

Yes each of our screening tools may be taken in Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Tagalog. Results are prepared in English.