Counseling Codes Improve PCP annual revenue

Who Cares About a $23.00 Counseling Code?

Providers need to remember many things during a typical exam, remembering to code for a counseling code worth $23.00 seems insignificant to the overall picture.  However, do the math.  Your practice will quickly understand how counseling codes improve a PCP’s annual revenue.  Counseling codes are difficult to get without ThoughtSwift. However, they are the difference between going on a real vacation,  hiring that key employee or staying at home and making do with your current staff.

Improve Annual Revenue, review the Numbers

If you see an average of 200 patients per month. If each patient qualifies for only one counseling code worth $23.00. The overall profitability of your practice above your exam fee raises to $55,200 by the end of the year.  This increase is with only one counseling code!

ThoughtSwift is  Key to Revenue improvement

With ThoughtSwift’s documentation, patients are able to qualify for up to 4+ separate and distinct opportunities for counseling codes. In the exam room, providers get alerted to patient candidate status eliminating the need to remember to look out for counseling opportunities.  Consequently, coding at the end of the exam is quick when using ThoughtSwift.  The CPT codes are listed on the report.   All screenings are evidence-based,  ACA mandated and do not require a patient copay or deductible.  With ThoughtSwift, your billing department has the requirements to bill for every CPT code so all your efforts are rewarded.  Another added plus is that these codes will also benefit your MACRA and your HEDIS score.

Improving primary care practice annual revenue is one of the many benefits ThoughtSwift brings providers.  In Primary Care practices, every additional $23.00 CPT code can add up to make a difference.  ThoughtSwift makes it easy to know who to counsel, to help with coding and finally accurately bill for the assessment.  For more information about our product lines go to or email  Let ThoughtSwift make your exam time more efficient and profitable this year

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