AWV Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Find out how hundreds of practices in the US are using ThoughtSwift for better patient care and more billing opportunities. We ensure patient care gaps are closed and HEDIS measures are met.

Efficiency Improvements For The Office, Quality Improvements For The Patient

There are many advantages to performing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits with ThoughtSwift. ThoughtSwift’s versatile delivery method ensures no matter the location of your patients, they can receive a high-quality preventive exam. Prevention is our passion.Typical AWV’s serve only to fulfill CMS mandates. In Contrast, ThoughtSwift’s goal for every Medicare patients is to receive a strategy of prevention for a lifetime of health. At ThoughtSwift, our exam performs services of most concern for seniors such as diabetes, cognitive impairment, medication adherence issues, and others.

We haven’t forgotten the practice. Because ThoughtSwift provides more services, there are also more billing opportunities for the practice. In addition ThoughtSwift ensures patient care gaps are closed and HEDIS measures are met.

Let ThoughtSwift show you how Medicare Annual Wellness Visits can be the most rewarding exam for your practice.