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We believe that Annual Wellness Visit should be the most rewarding exam in your practice.

Marlece Watson, President

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Make the most of every encounter with your patients, even AWVs

We know it’s disheartening when AWVs feel like a drain on your practice instead of a valuable tool for preventive care for your patients.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably realized that AWVs simply don’t work as intended. They strain your practice’s resources, they are not effective, and they are a source of frustration for staff and patients alike.

You’ve probably wondered if there was a resource that could help you conduct efficient AWVs while also improving your practice’s profit margin and your staff’s morale.

We know you want to make the AWV process work for your patients and for your practice. It just feels wrong that an AWV isn’t one of the most rewarding exams in your practice.

At ThoughtSwift, we get it.

We know you want to make the most of every encounter with your patients, even AWVs. For the 11 past years, we’ve helped hundreds of practices just like yours re-vamp the AWV experience and improve their bottom line.

Our founder, Bob Etsy, had extensive knowledge of medical practices as an owner and a consultant. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, it wasn’t surprising that many practice owners approached him for advice. After listening to their concerns, he worked with his tech-savvy son to develop a software program that simplified the process.

Over the years, we have evolved with the government CMS changes, but the premise of the business is the same:

Our software makes it easy for you to:
– Meet quality requirements
– Earn additional revenue
– Perform more services in less time
– Give patients an improved wellness experience.

We are committed to helping you create a better AWV process that benefits your patients while also reducing the drag on clinic resources so you can stop feeling discouraged with the encounter.

The process is simple. Let’s talk about how ThoughtSwift’s solutions can work in your practice and decide if you would be better served with our software solution or, better yet, our Partner Program. Whatever you decide, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Once you schedule a consultation, you will have already taken the first step toward improving the AWV process and the profitability of your practice.

We believe the Annual Wellness Visit should be the most rewarding exam in your practice. Take back control of the process.