Make Annual Wellness Visits
Work Better for Everyone

Reclaim control of Annual Wellness Visits with our efficient & innovative solutions that turn a burden into a benefit for both patient and practice.

Optimize Efficiency
and Profitability

Improve Patient
Outcomes and Satisfaction

Higher MIPS &
HCC risk scores

AWV’s simply don’t work as intended.

And yet, we all want them to! Preventive care is a wonderful idea, but Annual Wellness Visits…

  • Strain your budget, resources, and schedule.
  • Are nowhere near as effective as they could be.
  • Tend to cause more frustration than relief for everyone involved.

Annual Wellness Visits should be a rewarding and profitable exam in your practice!

Make the most of every patient encounter with no added fees or equipment to buy.


We Implement. You Screen Your Patients.

We implement the AWV Screening Software so you can screen your patients with ease and get paid for services you provided.


We Implement. We Screen Your Patients.

With the Partner Program, we do it all for you by bringing a qualified professional to your practice.

AWV Software Screening Solution

Efficient intake and color coded reporting directly into your EMR.

ThoughtSwift’s software integrates with your EMR and walks providers and patients through an optimized AWV experience.

  • Make sure nothing gets missed though a proactive, preventative screening for chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, prediabetes, falls risk, cardiovascular risks, and pulmonary issues.
  • Close care gaps for vaccinations and preventative services.
  • Discover medical necessity for additional services and therapies.
  • Meet all payer and government requirements.
  • Open up multiple ways for patients to be evaluated: telehealth, mobile devices, mobile clinics, at-home, nursing homes, and of course, in the office.

Complete Software and Screening Services Solution

Patient interface, billing support, lab services and more

ThoughtSwift’s turnkey solution has no added fees or equipment to buy.

In the Partner Program, we provide a qualified medical professional of your choice to work alongside your office team to meet your AWV goals for quality, sustainability, and reporting. It’s all covered, and all the staff needed are paid and managed by us. This frees your team to focus on E/M Visits.

Your new team member follows all protocols outlined by your provider while providing the following:

  • Scheduling the Patient
  • Performing the AWV
  • Counseling Patients
  • Writing Encounter Notes
  • Producing the Superbill
  • Sending required completion paperwork to patients
  • Setting up for follow up and clinic services

Additional Services

Risk Score

Designed for managed care groups to quickly see the present and future HEDIS value for every patient and reduce the gaps in a patient’s care.

Mental Health

Patients answer questions on mental health, obesity, and drug use to provide billable events and counseling opportunities.


Have a new application in mind? We create customized health assessments for ancillary companies and research groups.

Top 10 Health Solution Provider for 2020

Certified by AAPC

Top 100 Innovative Companies for 2020

is our Family’s Passion.

ThoughtSwift was founded to help medical providers manage the changes of the ACA and offer the most powerful preventative medical care possible. One simple thought drives us forward every day,

“It shouldn’t be so hard to save lives!”

Our passion for our work is driven by our own family tragedy…

“We saved a life today in large part because of the quality of ThoughtSwift’s Annual Wellness Visit. We couldn’t have caught the patient’s cancer using our EMR AWV.”

– Medical Provider, Mississippi

“We were able to see profits on the ThoughtSwift program in the first month of implementation.”

– Office Administrator, Washington

Get started with minimal disruption to your operations

Our AWV Turnkey™ Signature 3-step process

Strategy meeting

Our Practice Expert helps you determines the best way for ThoughtSwift’s solutions to adapt to your practice.

Seamless implementation

Whether to use our Partner Program solution or just our AWV software and assessments, we are with you through every step ensuring the best outcome.

Turn a burden into a benefit

Improve the effectiveness and profitability and stop worrying about patient satisfaction or reimbursements for services you provide.

Schedule a call to relieve the burden of Annual Wellness Visits and make them a revenue generator for your practice